Tuesday, September 27, 2016

week six!! (aug 3, 2016)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
こんにちは みなさん!♡♡♡

Before I start off, I have s kanji to share! 祈り - this is the kanji for prayer or inori as said in Japanese! The meaning of the kanji closer to God. Which is exactly what prayer does! It allows us to be closer to God! Isn't that the most beautiful thing ever?!

Also a quick spiritual thought before too! Ok, so many of us know the story of David and Goliath. I've never read the chapters in the bible super closely about David's encounter with Goliath. but it says that before defeating Goliath, David was tested and tried in killing bears and lions. This ultimately prepared David for what was to come later with Goliath. So basically what I am trying to get out of this is that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies. God prepared David beforehand and God does the same for us in our lives. We all have Goliath moments when we have to do something hard, BUT God never sends us out to do something difficult that He hasn't prepared us for. God prepares us for our trials and never gives us anything we can't overcome.

Anyways! It's been another beautiful week in the MTC! This morning I finished the Book of Mormon! I just really love that book so so much. It is such a beautiful book because it testifies of our Savior. And I testify it is true. I know by reading the Book of Mormon allows us to receive divine answers we cannot find anywhere else. I encourage you all to read it! The end of the Book of Mormon is my favorite because it's when Christ visits the Americas. In 3rd Nephi 11, He lets them feel the nail prints in His hands and know that He is the Christ. I love that chapter and it is so beautiful!

On Monday morning our senpai (the japanese missionaries 3 weeks ahead of us) left for Japan! It was so sad saying bye to them but everyone here is so excited for them! And it's crazy that our doki is next to go to Japan! We also get 7 new districts going to Japan today! There will be 170 missionaries going to Japan! Which is nuts!! Macfarlane Shimai and I were called to be Sister Training Leaders which is basically the Sister version of a zone leader! So we'll be over a few of the new incoming districts and we're so excited!! Everyday at 7am, Macfarlane Shimai and I walk from our res to our classroom and we have this SPECTACULAR view of Squaw Peak here in Provo. It's all hazy/ foggy from the sunrise and it is the most beautiful thing ever!

So a few days ago we go into our lesson with our investigator Takaoka san. We're way pumped because we've come a long ways with him and had a great lesson planned. Halfway through our lesson he throws out that he doesn't believe Christ is his Savior and doesn't really get the point of why he needs Christ in his life. We were soooo sad and bummed because we've been teaching him for 4 weeks!!! By the way this investigator is actually our teacher pretending to be an investigator for our practice. it was still way frustrating though. BUT with our other investigator we invited her to receive baptism! She said "hai baputesuma o ukemasu". Macfarlane Shimai and I turn to each other while it's still processing in our heads that she said YES and we kinda both freaked out and were SOOO HAPPY!! Ps this investigator is also another one of our teachers! Happy day happy day!

Macfarlane Shimai and I played some volley ball this morning with some elders going to Denmark and Findland! That was way neat, and it's so fun to be meeting people who are going to serve all over the world! The MTC is such a fun and neat place and you are constantly meeting the nicest humans and making new friends left and right! Oh I also passed out during volleyball because it was so hot and that was fun, but no worries Macfarlane Shimai took good care of me while I got normal again! All is well though!! :):)

Everything is so great here! In 2.5 weeks I'll be on a plane to Japan and I'm kinda freaking out, but I'm so excited! Ah I just love this work so much and it makes me so happy! Also so so sorry for my confusing emails, hopefully over the span of my 18 months I'll learn how to better organize all my thoughts!!

I hope everyone is doing great and is as happy as ever!

Have a great week; 愛しています! ♡

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