Tuesday, September 27, 2016

week SEVEN & elder andersen came!!! + pics!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

49 days in the MTC and only 11 left!¡¡¡!!! we will get our flight plans on Friday and it feels like a dream!! although i am chotto scared cuz as my sweet brother elder Pratt put it in his last email, my Japanese is not on par......

also I guess a lot of ipad missionaries are having problems sending emails, so I don't know if my emails are even sending WHOOPS!!!!

so yesterday night at our devotional, we knew someone exciting was coming because they were doing all this extra security stuff, then they told us the devotional was going to be a live broadcast to all the MTC's around the world, so everyone was way excited! And basically all my friends are still in MTC's throughout the world so it was fun

knowing they'd be watching it too! ANYWHO, ELDER ANDERSEN and his cute little wife walk in and such a rush of the spirit came along with them. It was so powerful and special. One thing he talked about was doing all we can to find the people God has prepared. I feel like there's this thought about how no one baptizes in Japan. Although God has prepared people in Japan and He trusts us His missionaries to find them. Elder Andersen shared some really great things about that and how we must BELIEVE and have FAITH that there are these beautiful prepared souls in each of our areas. God knows where each of His children are, and if we are faithful and obedient, He will guide us to them. And whether that means baptizing or just planting a seed in their hearts, we are bringing them closer to Christ & ultimately fulfilling our purpose as a missionary! It was honestly the most perfect talk as we round our last few days in the MTC in preparation to head to Japan. (Ps have I mentioned how excited I am to GO TO JAPAN IN 11 DAYSSSSS¿¿)

Macfarlane Shimai and I literally cry everyday thinking about having to say bye to each other and having to say bye to our cute lil district family. Also 2 of our 3 teachers are leaving this week to either get married

(!!!) and go to Disneyland (!!!!!!) so we're way sad about saying bye to them cuz they're our fam too.

I've lost count of the days I've had cereal, but probably like 80% of the time, I'm getting really creative and mixing different kinds lol that's what happens when ur here for FIFTY DAYS AND COUNTING

On Sunday elder Hollands son, President holland (pres of uvu) gave a BEAUTIFUL devotional about Joseph Smith. Basically about his life before he restored the church and the many trials he and his family faced. I have such a great love and application for him. & as I read the Book of Mormon I just feel so much love for him as he gave his life to bundling up the kingdom of God on earth. Every Sunday night after devotionals, we get to watch church movies, so this week ephriam's rescue and that had me balling! Such a beautiful movie though.

Sorry my emails are getting so boring and the days mix together so sometimes I don't really remember what goes on here except that everyday is a good day and everyday I learn so much whether it's Japanese of gospel related. My district probably laughs way too much but honestly thats probably what keeps us sane and what makes us all

so close!

Oh wait one more thing, last Wednesday we got to teach our FIRST SKYPE LESSON! Aw it was so wonderful. We taught this cute lil member ojisan (grandpa) and he had just gone through a divorce and was pretty lonely. It was the first time we were teaching like A REAL PERSON with real trials and struggles and he was so sweet and seemed so lonely and we just wanted him to be happy and the love for him was so real and so strong. I just wanted to everything I could to help him feel peace! He's active in the church and all btw, had an amazing conversio story too- joined in Japan when he was 21 then served a mission! We taught him about gods love and prayer and how we can find strength and comfort through prayer. It was such a beautiful experience. My love for the Japanese people is already so strong and ah I just want them all to be so happy!!! We have another skype lesson tonight and I'm so pumped!

Thank you everyone for the sweet emails! I hope everyone is so happy and having fun and staying safe!! (Oh and elder broke his hand a few days ago punching a volleyball.. stay safe and don't punch volleyballs!!!)

"demand not of yourself perfection, but improvement" -our cute teacher sister haderlie (she literally spits fire and I have an ongoing list of her quotes :)))))

♡♡ ai shite imasu

heian と shukufuku!

Pratt shimai, プラット 姉妹

1-3: day in the life of mac&pratt doryogumi (companionship) ♡♡
4: this mornings picnic breakfast. The elders in our district wanted
to have a picnic and so we were in the breakfast line a SIX AM SOS our
souls idk why so early(?!) but it was a cute thought so we went along

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