Tuesday, September 27, 2016

JAPAN IS RAD! (August 29, 2016)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
actually, I'm in a cute little church building in a town called MIYAKONOJO!! it's in the Miyazaki prefecture at the bottom of Kyushu! So I'm like WAAAYY south! 

So we left Provo early in the morning last Monday. A sister forgot to set her alarm and didn't wake up! So the bus to the airport had to wait like 40 min.. so we were all kinda freaking and stressing cuz we wanted to not miss our plane to Japan ya know, call fam AND get CAFE RIOO!!

but no worries, WE MADE IT! :))

We first stopped in Portland, then straight to JAPAN! On the plane we all were moving around and trading seats and just talking to everyone! so it was way fun cuz I had like 5 different seat buddies! Nothing like being on a 12 hour flight with like 50 of your BFFS! i love them all!

When we got to Japan everyone kinda got seperated because everyone not going to the Tokyo or Tokyo South Missions had to catch a plane! So like no one got to say bye to anyone and it was way sad! Like Macfarlane and I didn't even get to say bye to our Choro tachi! It was way sad! But I did meet my brothers mission president and wife! that was so fun! 
The 10 of us going to Fukuoka got on our plane and it was a 2 hour flight! We were all dead on the plane, so when we got to Fukuoka and our mission presdident was there to pick us up, we were all trying to be energetic but were all looked like we had been hit by a bus!! The airport is super close to the mission home so we got to honbu (mission home) and went to sleep! The mission home is actually the basement of the temple!! SO COOL HUH!?
Sister Egan, mish president's wife made a GLORIOUS breakfast! it was so yum!
Then we did like paper work stuff and orientation/ met the President, had interviews! I love the Egans! They are WONDERFUL! and their love for their missionaries is SO evident!
Around lunch time we got sent out with some missionaries serving in the area! Then later that night we went to Tenjin and street concated! Tenjin is this mall and in the past when I've visited Fukuoka we always go there! So it was weird going there and being like wait I was here one year ago! Then that night we went to the Fukuoka chapel and met our trianers and new areas!!
I was the first one called up and I got paired with Sister Shimauchi to MIYAKONOJO!!
Macfarlane shimai and Bradford shimai were assigned to Okinawa (an island in our mission, its closer to Taiwan than it is to Japan!) so they had to repack everything cuz you can only have one suitcase! The next morning we said our goodbyes and went to Hakata Eki (the big train station in Fukuoka!). That's like the transfer epicenter so all the missionaries transfering meet there to go to their new areas! So a ton of missionaries were there and it was fun to meet them! So many know Landy and were in the MTC with them! So it was so fun making those connections! Shimauchi Shimai and I had a 4 hour bus ride to Miyakonojo! It was so sad saying bye to Macfarlane and Perkins Shimai! They've become some of my best friends! 


1.So it's just Shimauchi shimai in our appartment! She's from like around Kobe Japan! I love her, shes so fun! Then there are 2 elders in our area too! 
2.There's just a branch here in Miyakonojo! 
3. I got my bike! It's black and red! RADDD. jk it was the only one that was tall enough for me!
4. Miyakonojo is pretty rural its so cute! rice fields EVEYWHEREEE **heart eyes*
5. Had an appointment with the Fukuokmoto family! Husband is a LA and the wife isn't a member + they have the cutest little girl!
6. We found a few people!! First one is Nagatomo! She's like 100!! We found her as she was taking her garbage out! We met with her this morning and she didn't remember us! She has dimesia which is sad! But she is the sweetest! And sooo interested! We placed a BOM with her!
7. Another lady we found was last night! We were knocking apartments! Fun note we usually start at the top then work our way down! We went to this one area at like 7 and it was dark and spooky! The apartment complex was soo scary and dark! But we found this woman! She has a family and was sooo interested! Heavenly Father is preparing people and we just need to be obedient and have faith and He will lead us to them! She is so prepared! We have a return appointment with her and gave her a BOM to read!
8. It RAINS ALOT! but it's so fun! 
9. its starting to cool down here in Japan and it feels sooo good!
10. The mosquito's here are insane!! i am getting eaten!
11. WE COME HOME TIRED EVERYDAY and it FEELS SO GOOD! we are working hard!!
12. In lessons i have my "go-to" lines! but I pretty much sit and pick up on a few words! it'll come!

I love Miyakomojo! I love the people here! We'll be riding around and I'll see people and I'm like I LOVE YOU and I want you to experience the joy of this gospel!

愛してるよ みんなさん!
プラット 姉妹

out our window!
my desk
nasty pink milk
Brother Nozomi! He just got baptized! 
with my brothers mission president at the tokyo airport!

where the miyakonojo branch meets! we're here literally everyday! i love it!
my jitensha!!