Wednesday, July 20, 2016

week THREE

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
こんにちは 家族 と ともだち!
(Hello family and friends!)

3/9 weeks done at the MTC! Sometimes it feels like I literally just got here, and other days I feel like I've been here a life time! But everyday is amazing and so much fun!

I absolutely love this quote that was said by an early Latter Day Saint who trekked across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley with the Willie and Martin Handcart Company. He said "We came to know our Lord in our extremities, but the price we paid to know Him was a privilege to pay". Isn't this THE MOST beautiful thing you've heard? I think it is such a beautiful thing to see when faith takes over and you can truly say that the trials we face in life are so worth it because we learn to rely on our Savior and Heavenly Father thus getting to truly know them. 

One of my favorite songs to sing in the mtc is 'Bring the World His Truth'. Normally, the words goes as follows- "and we will be the lords missionaries to bring the world His truth". But when we sing it in the mtc, it goes "and we are NOW the lords missionaries to bring the world His truth". Every time we sing that line, it fills me with so much joy. It's amazing when we sing it at devotionals with all 2,000+ missionaries because all those years of preparing to serve we can say that we a now His missionaries! 

The temple re opened this week and we get to go in a few hours so now our whole zone is on cloud 9! We're all just so happy because the temple really is the best place and how amazing is it that we are able to be in the Lords home and feel of His love and peace so strongly?! Ah it's the best 
Also today we get new missionaries for Japan so we have about 30 coming in! Now we won't be the babies in our zone anymore! 

Macfarlane Shimai and I decided that in our lessons with our investigators (our teachers acting as investigators) we needed to change how we taught so we along with our investigator could feel the Spirit better. So now we go in without notes or scripted lines and totally rely on what we've studied and the Spirit. Now our lessons are so much more meaningful because we feel the Spirit and can completely focus on our investigators needs. And it's good we're ditching our crutches because we won't be able to do that in Japan! But we totally made our teacher/ investigator cry (or I guess the Spirit did), so we've just been feeling on top of the world!

Sometimes when I'm in class for hours on end and on the verge of falling asleep, I see in my mind the people of Japan.  They're literally always on my mind and motivate me to work harder and to stay awake and give it my absolute best. And I tell myself I NEED to work my hardest for them and so that I can teach them and love them to my fullest! I love them so much already!

Also literally everyday Macfarlane Shimai and I are getting notes passed to us at meals or at devotionals asking for our emails and we die because we're like are you serious?! Usually we reply with "page 33" and smile. Don't worry we're pals with everyone and everyone is so fun and nice but sometimes the Elders need a little reminder 😂😂! 

I am so happy and love serving my Heavenly Father. 
The MTC literally is a prison but definitely a happy prison with bomb food haha but I cannot wait to finally get to Japan and get to work! Only 40 days!! 
Also sorry I get to email time and forget everything I want to say!! ごめん!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers! I love you all and have a great week! 

Pratt 姉妹

Pic 1- your favorite Japan Sisters having way too much fun with the timer on our iPads whoops
2- Sister Call and I! We were best pals in Redmond! She's going to Korea and our classes are in the same building so we see each other ALL THE TIME and it's the best thing!!
3- Macfarlane and I we love PDAY 

4- My companion literally has a Instagram page devoted to pics of her sleeping so we'll add this one after the mission! 😂😂