Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Wednesday, July 20, 2016
hello かぞく と ともだち! (family & friends! 😊)

ok so there were a few things I forgot to mention in my last email!
1. Our third day in the Mtc, we had to teach a lesson in Japanese! So that went really well ;) meaning I totally said God is our child instead of we are children of God! Whoops 😂
2. We taught 5 lessons in our first week here! Our "investigator" was a "Japanese" college student named "Kento"! He was actually an RM and was definitely not Japanese haha! But it was great practice!!
3. Also, literally right after getting dropped off at the mtc, one of the first things they gave me was an iPad! I know weird huh! But we're allowed to check our email everyday just can't respond until pday! Also dear elder! This cool thing where you can write a letter and they print it out and give it to me that same day! My unit is 194 and my departure date is Aug23 and I think somewhere in there you need JPN- FKU.

Alrighty on to this week!

It was kinda a rough week for our district because one of our elders went home on Saturday. Our district is way close and we spend sooo much time together and we're just a big family, so seeing one of the elders go home was really sad. Then yesterday another sister in our zone went home. It's been hard and sad to see that. 

I love putting on my name tag everyday and it is such a humble privilege. I am so happy to be here and even when I'm bummed there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing! I love knowing that I am doing the Lords will and knowing that He is proud of me.

One of my favorite words in Japanese is faith- shinkō. shin means believe and kō means the act of doing so. I think that is so beautiful. To believe and to act upon that. 
I love Moroni 6:4, it talks about Christ being the author and finisher of our faith. I know one day I will see my Savior and be able to say that I truly know my Him. In one of the talks that President Packer gave shortly before he passed, he said at the end, "I know my Savior". How beautiful and how amazing to know that all of us will see our Savior and kneel at His feet. 

My Japanese is coming along! Slowly, but surely that's for sure!! Sometimes my companion and I will be planning a lesson and feel like we've hit a wall! And we get frustrated because we don't know how to say all we want. Our sensei then told us when we feel like that and when we hit a wall in life, it's when we push through when we see the most growth! So now whenever that happens we just push through best we can with a positive attitude and work even harder! We have seen so many blessings as we do all we know how, then rely of God for the rest.

On July 2nd, we had a little 4th of July celebration! At the byu stadium they were having the stadium of fire thing, so they let us stay out until 11pm and watch the fireworks! Everyone was so pumped because on a normal day, we have to be back to our halls by 9:30! It killed me knowing my fav Tim McGraw was like half a mile away singing his beautiful songs 😭!! But it was so fun and we had a nice devotional about how the gospel was able to be restored because of our countries religious freedom! It was way cool to see because God prepared a way so perfectly for this gospel to be restored! It's crazy to think that the last 4th of July I was IN MY MISSION!

My companion Macfarlane Shimai and I seriously have so much fun! Obviously it's so important to stay focused and remember we are representing the Lord, but it's also good to enjoy the mission and have fun! Sometimes we'll be studying and talking and will end up on the floor laughing like crazy people! I was honestly blessed with THE BEST doryo (companion)! Also we were doing handstand in the hall and wow such a great time! Also the massive rug burn on my elbow makes me look tough so that's also great haha kidding.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift". Apparently this is a famous quote by an Olympic runner, but when it was mentioned in Sunday's devotional it was the first time I had heard it, and it really impacted me! The gift now is being able to be a missionary and serve my Father and His children in Japan. I know I must give my best, even my very best because not again will I get to walk so closely with my Savior and the Holy Ghost. I put this on a notecard and taped it by my bed and it pushes me and reminds me that I must be the best I can everyday. I am only an instrument in the Lords hands, but I still have to do my part so I can be effective in His hands! 

I love James 2:17. It says how faith is dead without works. We must show the Lord we love Him and have faith in Him. One of my favorite quotes says something like "we must have faith that as we step out into the dark, the Lord will place solid ground beneath our feet". I know when we show the Lord we have faith in Him, that He will bless us! I have seen this SO many times in my life.

I love being a missionary! It's weird how much I enjoy learning and being trapped in a classroom studying all day! But it's the best and I'm so thankful the Lord has entrusted me to do this amazing work! 

I love you all and thank you for the letters and emails! Have a wonderful week! 

Also lil shoutout to my friends who leave next week for their mission! My girl Chloe to Argentina and Brock to Spain! So proud of you guys☺️☺️ AND HBD to my bff Mo on the 10th 💕.