Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Hello fam and friends!
I've made it a week whooohooo.

The MTC is amazing I tell you! I am so so happy here!! The days go by so fast, its so crazy! We are so busy and constantly focused on the work and it is my favorite thing! My comp is Sister Macfarlane! She's from Denver CO, and is literally Kristen Lee's twin (like personality wise!!)- so obviously we're having tons on fun here! I love her so much and feel SOOO blessed to have such a great companion. We work diligently and focus on our Japanese studies, but we've also had some pretty funny times. Macfarlane Shimai (sister in japanese) and I are the only sisters in our district! There are 8 other elders and they are so funny, we love them. They are all pretty much straight out of high school so they are little children haha. OH! And all the elders are serving in Tokyo South!! AKA Landy's mission!!! Everyday we have gym time and its so great cuz our zone plays volleyball together outside! Our zone is great too and we're all so close! It's made up of 4 districts- one district thats been here for a few weeks and then my district and 2 other districts that just got here too! Also the Provo temple is closed for 2 weeks so we don't get to go to the temple and I'm way sad about it! But we're going on a temple walk in a sec so that will be wonderful!!

Every day we're up at 6:15 and its actually not as bad as I anticipated, I feel pretty rested and energetic. The first week of Japanese classes was rough. But, we are learning SO MUCH! I can pray in japanese, share my testimony, and say the missionary purpose, so clearly the gift of tongues is real cuz with my 3 years of Japanese in high school, I could only introduce myself hahah whoops... 

This past week they were training the new mission presidents at the MTC, so all the twelve apostles were here + eyring and uchtdorf, but not President Monson sadly. We did see Elder Oaks and that was soooo neat! Although we're not allowed to approach them and talk, so we kinda just stalked him for a sec. It was so amazing to think the prophets of God were walking the same halls as us!
We got to meet with the new mission presidents, so Macfarlane shimai and I plus 4 elders going to Fresno CA got to meet with the Nmirbe's on Thursday and Friday! they're from Nigeria and going to be President over the Nigeria euroba(?) mission!

It's so humbling to see the tender mercies of the Lord here. Honestly, sometimes randomly during the day I feel inadequate or find myself struggling with the language, but I have to remind myself that this is part of the process and its okay! When I find myself feeling like this I turn to the Lord for strength and truly feel at peace. Sometimes I have to tell myself like hello you've only been here 7 days and you can already speak so much japanese so why are you freaking out?! I know that as I submit myself to the Lords will and do my best, try my hardest and continue in faith, that I'll be blessed as a missionary. I have already been so blessed in this last week. I invite you all to ready D&C 121:7-9! My comp and I read it together if we're feeling like we're having a hard time with learning Japanese. It lifts our spirits and reminds us we need to be patient and have faith the language will come and there are people all around to help (like my comp, district or teacher). But it is so uplifting in any situation! I know if we have faith in our afflictions, He will bless us! 
On sunday, we got to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC a few years ago. You can only see it in the MTC so really only missionaries have seen it. It's called The Character of Christ. Wow. It was amazing. It focused on turning outward as Christ did rather than turning in. Elder Bednar talked about when Christ was on the cross, He turned outward and comforted those on the cross with Him, even though He was in pain himself. When the guards came to take Him away in the garden of Gethsemene, one of the guards ear was smitten, He healed the guard even though one of His apostles had just betrayed Him. When the mortal man would have turned inward, He turned outward. And again the Savior demonstrates the perfect example. I loved this talk and I hope that even when I am experiencing something difficult, I can turn outward and not inward. 

I love being a missionary. I love the work and I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. I love my companion and I love how we are constantly praying and constantly turning to God for help. He has been helping us so much! "When you are on the Lords errand, you can expect the Lords help". 

Ah sorry I don't get much time but I love all of you and am so thankful for your prayers and support! And thank you emcor for the dear elder it made me so happy!! 💕💕 
You're all in my prayers and I hope all is well!

ăƒ—ăƒ©ăƒƒăƒˆ 槉ćŠč (sister Pratt)