Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Wednesday, July 20, 2016
It's been a great week here at the MTC! This Friday we'll hit our one month mark which means I'm 1/18th done with my mission and me makes me so sad! 😭

Everything is going really great and I'm loving being here! On Sunday for our devotional we ended up watching David A Bednar's character of Christ talk again! We thought maybe they didn't get anyone to speak to us so we just went along with it! But it's such a great talk that no one really minded obviously! After watching the talk they turned the lights back on and the Brother presiding told everyone to stand. We were all way confused but assumed we were just standing to sing for the closing song! Then Elder Bednar and his wife in the flesh walk in!! Haha we were sooo confused like is that actually him?! I guess that was their plan to surprise us! It was so much fun and they did a question and answer for us all! I really love what he said, it went something along the lines of "you will find yourself as you serve others. You will not find yourself when you are looking for yourself".

It's been really fun this week with my district because we're all getting use to each other and everybody's personalities are really showing. And by that I mean all the elders in our district are SO sassy!! But it is so funny and gives us something to laugh about! I'm pretty sure our teachers think we are crazy! Oh by the way we got a new teacher this week! So now we have 3! Which means we also now have 3 investigators! So we teach everyday except Sunday! But anyways our teachers are SO wonderful! Two are sisters and one is a brother who served in my mission! So he always has fun stories and pictures to show/ tell us!

Oh next Monday is Elder Pratt aka Landy's 21st birthday wooohooo yay! Happy Birthday Landy!!

This week, I've really loved this scripture, it's D&C 84:88. It talks about how the Lord will bear us up and how angels will also be there to bear us up. Sister Macfarlane and I were talking about this and were thinking about how earthly angels lift us up too. As in there are people all around who bear us up! I love that because we can all be an earthly angel to someone in need!

Sometimes I forget that I'm in Provo and still in America because we only get to leave when we go across the street to the volleyball courts or to the temple! BUT!!! This week my companion and I got to leave the MTC and go into the real world! It was actually way scary and weird! I had a wart (I know gross I don't even know where it came from because I wash my feet a million times before I go to sleep) but it's ok because we got to the podiatrists office down in downtown Provo! We thought about running across the street after and getting Cafe Rio, but exact obedience brings blessings and we're not that rebellious so we just waited outside for our ride and talked to some people about Japan! So that was the big adventure of our week!!

Life is so good! The Japanese is coming along! We're all learning lots and it amazes me at how far we've come in just 4 short weeks! Heavenly Father's hand in our lives has been so evident and I am so thankful for Him. One more month in the celestial prison (aka MTC) then off to Japan! I can't wait to get there and start bring the people of Fukuoka unto Christ. I was thinking about this last night- the MTC is kind of like a refiners fire for our mission. But the rest of the mission is like a refiners fire for the rest of our lives! Sometimes the MTC is hard but it's getting me ready to share the gospel in Japan so it's obviously so worth it! And especially with the spirit, the Savior and Heavenly Father by my side it's makes everything so so much better. Not only is Macfarlane Shimai my companion, but we also have Christ, the spirit and Heavenly Father working with us! And what better people to have on your side?

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and Pioneer Day this Sunday! Ps has anyone ever heard of the Nashville Tribute band? I guess they're an LDS group that sings gospel based music but it sounds like country!! On Pioneer Day they're giving the missionaries in the MTC a private concert so I'm way pumped about that!!

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