Wednesday, July 27, 2016

week FIVE!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
こんにちは みなさん!

It's been another fantastic week here in the MTC! Although sometimes I forget when the weeks start and end! Haha every day seems pretty much blended together! But everyday is honestly so great and I'm way sad my time in Provo is half over!

Today is the start of our sixth week and going to Japan actually seems like a reality now! Sometimes I forget I'm actually going to Japan and not staying at the MTC forever!.... 3.5 WEEKS til 日本 CHEEE!!!

Saturday was a sad day because two sisters from the zone that we all just love so much went home. Their district is leaving for Japan on Monday so it was way sad to see them go. It's amazing how close you grow to the people in your district and zone over such a short period of time! We're all just a big fam and I love them all so much!

So Macfarlane Shimai and I have pretty much reverted to cereal for every meal! Which I'm not complaining about because the have have like every cereal imaginable. One Elder in our district is from Brazil and calls cereal dog food (?!) because apparently it looks like dog food?! We all just get a kick outta him because he always looks so grossed out when we eat it!

Sunday was Pioneer Day and obviously that was a big deal here in Utah/ at the MTC! We had such an amazing and fun devotional! The nashville tribute band came and performed for us. And the MTC choir got to sing a few songs with them! And yes surprise, Macfarlane Shimai and I are in the choir even though I'm pretty sure everyone's ears fall off when I sing lol oh well. But everyone go look up the Nashville tribute band! Wow they are actually so good and it's all about Jesus and happy stuff and I'm kinda obsessed! They're also like in their 40's and 50's so that was way funny!

Teaching lessons in Japanese is such an interesting thing. In our lessons with our investigators I honestly do not understand about 70% of the Japanese that is coming out of their mouths. But someone how I totally feel and know what they are saying. It's all the spirit and it's incredible to see that. But don't get me wrong, I still sit there most of the time with a giant question mark on my face. I just sit there and smile and look confused and try to say something. Haha those times are interesting- like yesterday when Macfarlane Shimai and I had to try and explain what the Lamb of God was from a scripture. We kept forgetting the word for "lamb", so we just started baaaa-ing and that was quite a sight ;).
One of our district goals was to do an English fast yesterday, so only Japanese! We were way good about it up until after lunch, then we kind of gave up. It was way funny though because no one was talking to each other and we're a loud bunch so our teachers thought something was wrong! Nope, just couldn't speak in English!

If there is one thing that is constantly being told to us missionaries, it is the importance of OBEDIENCE. A few days ago with our awesome teacher brother budge, we had a come to Jesus. He basically gave it to us straight that if we are not obedient, we won't be successful and the mission won't change us. And if we are not EXACTLY obedient, we will not see miracles. As a district we went over all the things we need to do better and there were things we needed to change to be exactly obedient. Mainly eating in class whoops, getting to sleep on time, singing real world music, being diligent with time and calling elders/ sisters by their last names only! Seems like all really little things right?! Well it's in those little things where God tests our obedience and our willingness to trust Him! Exact obedience is so hard, BUT I do know exact obedience not only brings blessings but miracles. Obviously we'll still mess up, but that is the beautiful thing of having our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement.

I love being a missionary. I love being here at the MTC and being able to experience such amazing things daily. I feel so blessed to be aiding in this beautiful work. It is so fulfilling going to sleep each night and feeling dead tired knowing I get to get up again and do it all over again!

I love you all so much! Stay safe and happy!! :):)

家族 と ともだち が 愛しています!!
Pratt Shimai
プラット 姉妹

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

week four pics🎉

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
temple walk Sunday
when we got to leave the Mtc 🎉🎉🎉
our classroom also Macfarlane Shimai looking like a dork
district and our cute teacher sister Daniels!
obligatory jumping pic


It's been a great week here at the MTC! This Friday we'll hit our one month mark which means I'm 1/18th done with my mission and me makes me so sad! 😭

Everything is going really great and I'm loving being here! On Sunday for our devotional we ended up watching David A Bednar's character of Christ talk again! We thought maybe they didn't get anyone to speak to us so we just went along with it! But it's such a great talk that no one really minded obviously! After watching the talk they turned the lights back on and the Brother presiding told everyone to stand. We were all way confused but assumed we were just standing to sing for the closing song! Then Elder Bednar and his wife in the flesh walk in!! Haha we were sooo confused like is that actually him?! I guess that was their plan to surprise us! It was so much fun and they did a question and answer for us all! I really love what he said, it went something along the lines of "you will find yourself as you serve others. You will not find yourself when you are looking for yourself".

It's been really fun this week with my district because we're all getting use to each other and everybody's personalities are really showing. And by that I mean all the elders in our district are SO sassy!! But it is so funny and gives us something to laugh about! I'm pretty sure our teachers think we are crazy! Oh by the way we got a new teacher this week! So now we have 3! Which means we also now have 3 investigators! So we teach everyday except Sunday! But anyways our teachers are SO wonderful! Two are sisters and one is a brother who served in my mission! So he always has fun stories and pictures to show/ tell us!

Oh next Monday is Elder Pratt aka Landy's 21st birthday wooohooo yay! Happy Birthday Landy!!

This week, I've really loved this scripture, it's D&C 84:88. It talks about how the Lord will bear us up and how angels will also be there to bear us up. Sister Macfarlane and I were talking about this and were thinking about how earthly angels lift us up too. As in there are people all around who bear us up! I love that because we can all be an earthly angel to someone in need!

Sometimes I forget that I'm in Provo and still in America because we only get to leave when we go across the street to the volleyball courts or to the temple! BUT!!! This week my companion and I got to leave the MTC and go into the real world! It was actually way scary and weird! I had a wart (I know gross I don't even know where it came from because I wash my feet a million times before I go to sleep) but it's ok because we got to the podiatrists office down in downtown Provo! We thought about running across the street after and getting Cafe Rio, but exact obedience brings blessings and we're not that rebellious so we just waited outside for our ride and talked to some people about Japan! So that was the big adventure of our week!!

Life is so good! The Japanese is coming along! We're all learning lots and it amazes me at how far we've come in just 4 short weeks! Heavenly Father's hand in our lives has been so evident and I am so thankful for Him. One more month in the celestial prison (aka MTC) then off to Japan! I can't wait to get there and start bring the people of Fukuoka unto Christ. I was thinking about this last night- the MTC is kind of like a refiners fire for our mission. But the rest of the mission is like a refiners fire for the rest of our lives! Sometimes the MTC is hard but it's getting me ready to share the gospel in Japan so it's obviously so worth it! And especially with the spirit, the Savior and Heavenly Father by my side it's makes everything so so much better. Not only is Macfarlane Shimai my companion, but we also have Christ, the spirit and Heavenly Father working with us! And what better people to have on your side?

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and Pioneer Day this Sunday! Ps has anyone ever heard of the Nashville Tribute band? I guess they're an LDS group that sings gospel based music but it sounds like country!! On Pioneer Day they're giving the missionaries in the MTC a private concert so I'm way pumped about that!!

Pratt 姉妹

week THREE

こんにちは 家族 と ともだち!
(Hello family and friends!)

3/9 weeks done at the MTC! Sometimes it feels like I literally just got here, and other days I feel like I've been here a life time! But everyday is amazing and so much fun!

I absolutely love this quote that was said by an early Latter Day Saint who trekked across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley with the Willie and Martin Handcart Company. He said "We came to know our Lord in our extremities, but the price we paid to know Him was a privilege to pay". Isn't this THE MOST beautiful thing you've heard? I think it is such a beautiful thing to see when faith takes over and you can truly say that the trials we face in life are so worth it because we learn to rely on our Savior and Heavenly Father thus getting to truly know them. 

One of my favorite songs to sing in the mtc is 'Bring the World His Truth'. Normally, the words goes as follows- "and we will be the lords missionaries to bring the world His truth". But when we sing it in the mtc, it goes "and we are NOW the lords missionaries to bring the world His truth". Every time we sing that line, it fills me with so much joy. It's amazing when we sing it at devotionals with all 2,000+ missionaries because all those years of preparing to serve we can say that we a now His missionaries! 

The temple re opened this week and we get to go in a few hours so now our whole zone is on cloud 9! We're all just so happy because the temple really is the best place and how amazing is it that we are able to be in the Lords home and feel of His love and peace so strongly?! Ah it's the best 
Also today we get new missionaries for Japan so we have about 30 coming in! Now we won't be the babies in our zone anymore! 

Macfarlane Shimai and I decided that in our lessons with our investigators (our teachers acting as investigators) we needed to change how we taught so we along with our investigator could feel the Spirit better. So now we go in without notes or scripted lines and totally rely on what we've studied and the Spirit. Now our lessons are so much more meaningful because we feel the Spirit and can completely focus on our investigators needs. And it's good we're ditching our crutches because we won't be able to do that in Japan! But we totally made our teacher/ investigator cry (or I guess the Spirit did), so we've just been feeling on top of the world!

Sometimes when I'm in class for hours on end and on the verge of falling asleep, I see in my mind the people of Japan.  They're literally always on my mind and motivate me to work harder and to stay awake and give it my absolute best. And I tell myself I NEED to work my hardest for them and so that I can teach them and love them to my fullest! I love them so much already!

Also literally everyday Macfarlane Shimai and I are getting notes passed to us at meals or at devotionals asking for our emails and we die because we're like are you serious?! Usually we reply with "page 33" and smile. Don't worry we're pals with everyone and everyone is so fun and nice but sometimes the Elders need a little reminder 😂😂! 

I am so happy and love serving my Heavenly Father. 
The MTC literally is a prison but definitely a happy prison with bomb food haha but I cannot wait to finally get to Japan and get to work! Only 40 days!! 
Also sorry I get to email time and forget everything I want to say!! ごめん!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers! I love you all and have a great week! 

Pratt 姉妹

Pic 1- your favorite Japan Sisters having way too much fun with the timer on our iPads whoops
2- Sister Call and I! We were best pals in Redmond! She's going to Korea and our classes are in the same building so we see each other ALL THE TIME and it's the best thing!!
3- Macfarlane and I we love PDAY 

4- My companion literally has a Instagram page devoted to pics of her sleeping so we'll add this one after the mission! 😂😂


hello かぞく と ともだち! (family & friends! 😊)

ok so there were a few things I forgot to mention in my last email!
1. Our third day in the Mtc, we had to teach a lesson in Japanese! So that went really well ;) meaning I totally said God is our child instead of we are children of God! Whoops 😂
2. We taught 5 lessons in our first week here! Our "investigator" was a "Japanese" college student named "Kento"! He was actually an RM and was definitely not Japanese haha! But it was great practice!!
3. Also, literally right after getting dropped off at the mtc, one of the first things they gave me was an iPad! I know weird huh! But we're allowed to check our email everyday just can't respond until pday! Also dear elder! This cool thing where you can write a letter and they print it out and give it to me that same day! My unit is 194 and my departure date is Aug23 and I think somewhere in there you need JPN- FKU.

Alrighty on to this week!

It was kinda a rough week for our district because one of our elders went home on Saturday. Our district is way close and we spend sooo much time together and we're just a big family, so seeing one of the elders go home was really sad. Then yesterday another sister in our zone went home. It's been hard and sad to see that. 

I love putting on my name tag everyday and it is such a humble privilege. I am so happy to be here and even when I'm bummed there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing! I love knowing that I am doing the Lords will and knowing that He is proud of me.

One of my favorite words in Japanese is faith- shinkō. shin means believe and kō means the act of doing so. I think that is so beautiful. To believe and to act upon that. 
I love Moroni 6:4, it talks about Christ being the author and finisher of our faith. I know one day I will see my Savior and be able to say that I truly know my Him. In one of the talks that President Packer gave shortly before he passed, he said at the end, "I know my Savior". How beautiful and how amazing to know that all of us will see our Savior and kneel at His feet. 

My Japanese is coming along! Slowly, but surely that's for sure!! Sometimes my companion and I will be planning a lesson and feel like we've hit a wall! And we get frustrated because we don't know how to say all we want. Our sensei then told us when we feel like that and when we hit a wall in life, it's when we push through when we see the most growth! So now whenever that happens we just push through best we can with a positive attitude and work even harder! We have seen so many blessings as we do all we know how, then rely of God for the rest.

On July 2nd, we had a little 4th of July celebration! At the byu stadium they were having the stadium of fire thing, so they let us stay out until 11pm and watch the fireworks! Everyone was so pumped because on a normal day, we have to be back to our halls by 9:30! It killed me knowing my fav Tim McGraw was like half a mile away singing his beautiful songs 😭!! But it was so fun and we had a nice devotional about how the gospel was able to be restored because of our countries religious freedom! It was way cool to see because God prepared a way so perfectly for this gospel to be restored! It's crazy to think that the last 4th of July I was IN MY MISSION!

My companion Macfarlane Shimai and I seriously have so much fun! Obviously it's so important to stay focused and remember we are representing the Lord, but it's also good to enjoy the mission and have fun! Sometimes we'll be studying and talking and will end up on the floor laughing like crazy people! I was honestly blessed with THE BEST doryo (companion)! Also we were doing handstand in the hall and wow such a great time! Also the massive rug burn on my elbow makes me look tough so that's also great haha kidding.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift". Apparently this is a famous quote by an Olympic runner, but when it was mentioned in Sunday's devotional it was the first time I had heard it, and it really impacted me! The gift now is being able to be a missionary and serve my Father and His children in Japan. I know I must give my best, even my very best because not again will I get to walk so closely with my Savior and the Holy Ghost. I put this on a notecard and taped it by my bed and it pushes me and reminds me that I must be the best I can everyday. I am only an instrument in the Lords hands, but I still have to do my part so I can be effective in His hands! 

I love James 2:17. It says how faith is dead without works. We must show the Lord we love Him and have faith in Him. One of my favorite quotes says something like "we must have faith that as we step out into the dark, the Lord will place solid ground beneath our feet". I know when we show the Lord we have faith in Him, that He will bless us! I have seen this SO many times in my life.

I love being a missionary! It's weird how much I enjoy learning and being trapped in a classroom studying all day! But it's the best and I'm so thankful the Lord has entrusted me to do this amazing work! 

I love you all and thank you for the letters and emails! Have a wonderful week! 

Also lil shoutout to my friends who leave next week for their mission! My girl Chloe to Argentina and Brock to Spain! So proud of you guys☺️☺️ AND HBD to my bff Mo on the 10th 💕. 


Hello fam and friends!
I've made it a week whooohooo.

The MTC is amazing I tell you! I am so so happy here!! The days go by so fast, its so crazy! We are so busy and constantly focused on the work and it is my favorite thing! My comp is Sister Macfarlane! She's from Denver CO, and is literally Kristen Lee's twin (like personality wise!!)- so obviously we're having tons on fun here! I love her so much and feel SOOO blessed to have such a great companion. We work diligently and focus on our Japanese studies, but we've also had some pretty funny times. Macfarlane Shimai (sister in japanese) and I are the only sisters in our district! There are 8 other elders and they are so funny, we love them. They are all pretty much straight out of high school so they are little children haha. OH! And all the elders are serving in Tokyo South!! AKA Landy's mission!!! Everyday we have gym time and its so great cuz our zone plays volleyball together outside! Our zone is great too and we're all so close! It's made up of 4 districts- one district thats been here for a few weeks and then my district and 2 other districts that just got here too! Also the Provo temple is closed for 2 weeks so we don't get to go to the temple and I'm way sad about it! But we're going on a temple walk in a sec so that will be wonderful!!

Every day we're up at 6:15 and its actually not as bad as I anticipated, I feel pretty rested and energetic. The first week of Japanese classes was rough. But, we are learning SO MUCH! I can pray in japanese, share my testimony, and say the missionary purpose, so clearly the gift of tongues is real cuz with my 3 years of Japanese in high school, I could only introduce myself hahah whoops... 

This past week they were training the new mission presidents at the MTC, so all the twelve apostles were here + eyring and uchtdorf, but not President Monson sadly. We did see Elder Oaks and that was soooo neat! Although we're not allowed to approach them and talk, so we kinda just stalked him for a sec. It was so amazing to think the prophets of God were walking the same halls as us!
We got to meet with the new mission presidents, so Macfarlane shimai and I plus 4 elders going to Fresno CA got to meet with the Nmirbe's on Thursday and Friday! they're from Nigeria and going to be President over the Nigeria euroba(?) mission!

It's so humbling to see the tender mercies of the Lord here. Honestly, sometimes randomly during the day I feel inadequate or find myself struggling with the language, but I have to remind myself that this is part of the process and its okay! When I find myself feeling like this I turn to the Lord for strength and truly feel at peace. Sometimes I have to tell myself like hello you've only been here 7 days and you can already speak so much japanese so why are you freaking out?! I know that as I submit myself to the Lords will and do my best, try my hardest and continue in faith, that I'll be blessed as a missionary. I have already been so blessed in this last week. I invite you all to ready D&C 121:7-9! My comp and I read it together if we're feeling like we're having a hard time with learning Japanese. It lifts our spirits and reminds us we need to be patient and have faith the language will come and there are people all around to help (like my comp, district or teacher). But it is so uplifting in any situation! I know if we have faith in our afflictions, He will bless us! 
On sunday, we got to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC a few years ago. You can only see it in the MTC so really only missionaries have seen it. It's called The Character of Christ. Wow. It was amazing. It focused on turning outward as Christ did rather than turning in. Elder Bednar talked about when Christ was on the cross, He turned outward and comforted those on the cross with Him, even though He was in pain himself. When the guards came to take Him away in the garden of Gethsemene, one of the guards ear was smitten, He healed the guard even though one of His apostles had just betrayed Him. When the mortal man would have turned inward, He turned outward. And again the Savior demonstrates the perfect example. I loved this talk and I hope that even when I am experiencing something difficult, I can turn outward and not inward. 

I love being a missionary. I love the work and I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. I love my companion and I love how we are constantly praying and constantly turning to God for help. He has been helping us so much! "When you are on the Lords errand, you can expect the Lords help". 

Ah sorry I don't get much time but I love all of you and am so thankful for your prayers and support! And thank you emcor for the dear elder it made me so happy!! 💕💕 
You're all in my prayers and I hope all is well!

プラット 姉妹 (sister Pratt) 


Hey parents!
I am alive and well! WOWOW today has been crazy!
We only have a sec to email so I'll try and say as much as i can!

I'm way happy and having SO much fun! My comp. is Sister Macfarlane, she's from Colorado and I love her so much already!

We went straight to class and it was all japanese only and it was pretty nuts!
I've seen soooo many friends and it makes me so happy to see them here! My branch councelor was also Landy's when he was here so that's pretty cool! 

I'm just so happy like I can't stop smiling!!!

Alrighty, well its time to go sorry that was so short!! My pday is Wednsday!
Talk to you guys next week, love you all!!!

pratt shimai